Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wat a day~

i feel so lazy tonite after a very tiring, i woke up around 7am this morning,ironed my green baju kurung (i look so much like my mom in baju kurung) i prefer not to wear them especially in this humid blh buat, terpaksa, i took my bath and get ready for my class today, yeaa im the teacher today..around 7.50am, i drove my car to my college and was STUCK in a Traffic jam for almost 30mins..and i realize i was so late for my class and i text my fren Nessa -> :deng, cney ko? dah sampe klas ka lom? n she replied :lom agik, hari tok nang jam macam SIAL! 
ahaaa! i feel so relieved to know that im not the only person who stuck in this stupid traffic, then i reach college around 8.35am,and went to the library to print out some material that i need for my micro teaching and as i enter the library, i saw the notice "OUT OF SERVICE" at the Photostat machine.. i was like..ARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!
then, i was being an idiot, drove my car to the nearest shop that provide photostat service which is just at the seberang jalan ony, and saya berjaya membuang masa d situ dgn jayanyaa...i fotostat ol the things i needed and i walked to my college n reach class around 8.45am...n im 45 minutes late..clap2!
so then, i did my micro teaching and i got a compliments and comments from my lecturer and that just made my day...yeayy!
i took my lunch around 12 sumthng and had a chat wit my cousin (Jeremy) havent talked to him much lately...i went home around 1pm and on9 for a couple of hours, i watched the make up tutorial in youtube, and it was really good..will try it on someday..i took a nap around 3pm and it was a rili good one coz it was raining outside (sejookkk, n i end up waking up almost at 6...hebat kan..huhu

due to the traffic jam this morning n while waiting, i did something gik, i snap here and there la..hehe

take 1
as u can see..its a very hot and sunny day..

take 2
then i decided to wear my shade =)

dats ol for now..i'll c u tomorrow...tomorrow never die!

-The End-